We care about our customers and their business and focus on details that will bring your company to the forefront in your industry. At Maxim Security Services, we will add value to your company by providing you more than a deterrent; we will provide that first impression and customer service that will set your company ahead of your competition.


Maxim Security conducts the screening of security officers through PSIRA and S.A.P.S before they are employed. This process enables the company to recruit security officers free from criminal activities. PSIRA and S.A.P.S are the only professional bodies which accordingly deal with this aspect. Certificates of Attendance from accredited Security Training Institutions which are submitted by security officers are verified for its authenticity.

At Maxim Security Services, all of our security guards are carefully chosen based on their level of professionalism, mannerisms, aptitude and skill. They also undergo a complete and thorough background check. Our intensive preparation and training for the security officers ensure their ability to be employed in the corporate office buildings local business premises and residential areas. Their training encompasses hypothetical and practical work that focuses on: customer service, public relations, surveillance techniques, fire, health and safety.


Team building meetings are held to encourage staff to put forward ideas and suggestions to improve the overall performance and effectiveness of the staff and company

Future initiatives will include skills development and incentive programs to allow for staff to find their best suited role within Maxim Security. This will also encourage personal growth and self confidence.

Long term we envisage that strong leadership examples will arise out of this program, which will positively affect not only Maxim Security but also the community as a whole.